Gamefowl Preservation Project

Since the abolition of cock-fighting in America, gamefowl have increasingly been bred for show.  This is perfectly understandable, as they are beautiful birds.  The downside of the practice, however, is that the American gamecock’s distinctive traits — alertness, intelligence, and feistiness — are valued not nearly as much in the show-ring as in the cockpit.  With this reorientation, we stand to lose, thereby, a distinctive and colorful part of our historical and genetic heritage.

While Appleworm™ has no desire to encourage cockfighting, we do strongly wish to preserve these traits in these birds.  We are, therefore, attempting to redirect rather than repress their instincts.  Our hypothesis is that gamecocks can effectively serve as guard chickens over free-ranging New England flocks.  We are testing this by placing young roosters to guard over standard-sized hens.  Roosters that do this task well will be allowed to breed; roosters that fail, will not.  Several stags are now at watch.  Should you be interested in participating in this experiment, please do contact us.  You provide the flock; we provide the rooster.