Poultry Pricing and Availability

In the past we actively sold hatching eggs and birds of all ages. Due to our recent retrenchment, our sales are now limited to retired breeders and promising Pumpkin Hulsey stags.  Please contact us to learn what might be available.

Please be forewarned that our poultry are not cheap. The reason for this is paradoxical: We are not hatching birds for the money. Rather, our goal is to enjoy the challenge of improving excellent blood lines, the taste of flavorful meat and eggs, and the spectacles of colorful clutches and strutting gamecocks. This is not an inexpensive enterprise. The stock we begin with is rare, good feed is costly, and we are very picky about the birds we breed, the eggs we hatch, and the chicks we allow to live. The project is — by design — inefficient: Whenever feasible, we allow broody hens to hatch their own eggs. We also allow our growing birds to range freely, thus losing many to hawks and foxes. In addition, we regularly cull growing birds that are weak or small and consign non-conforming adults to our laying flock. With time, our broodpens generally grow smaller, as we identify the truly exceptional fowl of each line. Unless otherwise noted, all of the birds we sell are ones that we would, without hesitation, keep for examination for eventual inclusion in our breeding flocks. We know that our prices are high; when you handle our birds, you will understand why.