About Us

Appleworm™ Orchard is the quixotic project of Randall Clark, a full-time lawyer, erstwhile professor of law and philosophy, and (like his one of his heroes, Thomas Jefferson) an agrarian poseur.  Or, as Clark’s sons say, a “whiteshoe redneck.”  (Note that they never object when served Dorking coq au vin or pan-seared Muscovy duck breast with venison-sausage stuffing.)  To which accusation he responds by reminding them that they are descended from a long line of Connecticut-Yankee bachelor farmers (on his side of the family) and line-bred Kentucky moonshiners (their mother’s).  He has lived with his family in Hollis, New Hampshire for over two decades and currently serves as Vice-Chairman of the town’s Agricultural Commission.  For more information regarding Mr. Clark’s legal practice, please see his vanity page at www.randallbclark.com.