Appleworm™ Orchard is a postage-stamp-sized hobby farm set in the picturesque town of Hollis, New Hampshire, one of New England’s premier apple-growing areas.  We have two simple and self-reinforcing goals for our orchard.  The first is to make it a robust repository of New England’s once-diverse apple-tree varietals, with a particular emphasis on the pre-Prohibition cider-apple trees that once graced our landscape.  Our second is to breed and raise – on the worms that populate the orchard’s cider-pomace compost piles – several varieties of rare and heritage poultry for diverse purposes.  We have layers of beautifully colored eggs, large birds for eating, and spirited gamefowl to guard free-ranging flocks.  Breeds include Black Copper Marans, Cream Legbars, Blue Ameraucanas, Red Dorkings, various strains of American gamefowl, and Muscovy ducks.  For more information about these and other Appleworm™ projects, click on the links in the header above or on the individual poultry breeds listed to the right.  We are NPIP certified (no. NH-228).  All fowl and egg photos on this site are of our own stock, unless otherwise noted.